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Good work and control to help intelligent transportation, travel all the way to the end

Shenzhen ZunSia Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Popularity :3194 Publication time :2018-09-11 SML

in Shenzhen

Many times it is like this

Work to block

Eating blocked

Travel block

Traffic jams are a topic of resonance among urban residents.

Someone joked: "I didn't stop at the road, I am embarrassed to say that I am from Shenzhen..."

According to the Ministry of Public Security,

As of the end of 2017,

The number of motor vehicles in the country reached 310 million.

Among them, 217 million vehicles;

There are 385 million motor vehicle drivers.

Among them, there are 342 million motorists.

And with the sustained and rapid development of China’s economy and society,

The number of motor vehicles will continue to grow rapidly.


The traffic police department will undertake more and more heavy traffic tasks.


As a traffic police department

- Electronic Police System

It played an important role.

What is an electronic police?

The electronic police system, commonly known as the “Red Light Automatic Recording System”, is an automated detection and measurement technology that captures traffic violations or traffic accidents, and uses the network to transmit the collected information back to the public security department for analysis and processing, and use this as evidence for the perpetrators. Penalties are imposed to reduce accidents and assist the traffic police.

The vehicle sense is detected by the ground coil and the video detection. When the moving target exceeds the speed limit value or the intersection signal is in the red state, the high-definition camera captures the illegal vehicle and completely captures the three pictures of the vehicle violation process. The picture clearly shows the status of the signal light, the parking line position, the illegal lane, the license plate number of the illegal vehicle, the license plate color, the body color, the vehicle type, the illegal time, the location, the speed and the direction of travel. All captured data is transmitted back to the traffic police data center via the network for processing. At the same time, a database of illegal images and speed information is generated, and the data has a network query function.

The electronic police system is not only widely used in urban crossroads, sidewalks, bus lanes, etc.

Used for effective evidence collection of illegal red light violations,

It can also provide information for the public security departments to effectively crack down on single-motor vehicle crimes, investigate traffic accidents and escape cases, analyze traffic conditions, and strengthen public security management.

It provides important clues and basis for traffic management of local public security and traffic police departments.

The role of the electronic police does not only include the collection of front-end images.

It also includes the processing, transmission, and query of the returned data by the traffic police data center.


To handle such a huge amount of data,

Also let the electronic police system run stably for 24 hours,

So the current electronic police is on its control hardware.

All selected industrial control hardware products with stronger performance, better stability and better quality.

Comes as hardware support for its central control system.

Among them, dispatching industrial control, a series of industrial hardware products can provide professional control hardware product support for the electronic police system.

So what are the characteristics of the diligent industrial control products to meet the requirements of the electronic police system?

The main points are as follows:

First, low power consumption, powerful performance

Embedded industrial computer with X86 architecture. The system is stable, low power consumption and powerful performance.

Second, the expansion interface is rich

Support high-definition display interface, can be connected to high-definition cameras, and carry out high-definition pictures of illegal vehicles for 24 hours without interruption.

Third, the system and network

The system is stable and supports local saving. The pictures taken at the front end can be saved or transmitted to the traffic police data center for processing and analysis.

Fourth, resist the harsh environment

Industrial grade performance, powerful in dust resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature, shock resistance, etc., can run 24 hours in harsh conditions.

At present, the electronic police system based on the dispatched industrial control embedded industrial computer,

Has been adopted by the traffic police departments of some cities in China,

And the feedback is good, and it is deeply loved by the traffic police department.

to this end,

The company will develop a better quality industrial computer.

Make the electronic police of the traffic police department more intelligent.