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Diligent industrial control to help nurses station electronic whiteboard to provide better quality care services

Shenzhen ZunSia Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Popularity :3672 Publication time :2018-09-11 SML

In the past, I saw this in the hospital:

Doctor or nurse writes and draws on a whiteboard,

There are densely written shift information, nursing information, etc.,

Erasing and writing, looping back and forth,

Currently, nurses are required to travel to and from the ward to communicate information and care to patients and their families,

In the long run, not only is caregiving inefficient, but also strong,

And manual recording is prone to omissions, errors, and content is not easy to save.

The so-called "workers must first sharpen their tools",

With the rapid development of big data and IoT cloud computing,

In order to provide patients with better medical and nursing services,

Medical institutions are increasingly paying attention to the daily work of healthcare professionals,

provide efficient and useful accessibility tools.

Many hospitals are beginning to embrace information technology.

The Care Station Whiteboard is one of them.

Not long ago, the nursing whiteboard was unveiled at a hospital in Shenzhen,

Using advanced information technology combined with hospital HIS system,

aims to address the growing burden of healthcare and patient satisfaction.

What is a whiteboard?

The nursing station electronic whiteboard system can display various information of inpatients by means of touch screen combined with industrial computer or touch integrated machine. This "electronic whiteboard" can Fully interactive with doctor workstations and ward information, integrating care electronic medical records, mobile care management, care call management, and care information release management.

The ward care whiteboard system replaces traditional whiteboards,

Make the care work project clearer,

largely streamlined the process and content of ward care work,

Get more care time for patients,

Return time to patients and use quality care.

not only improved the satisfaction of the department, but also improved the image of the hospital.

Nursing Station Whiteboard as an intelligent device,

Intelligent industrial hardware products are required to provide intelligent support,

and due to the tight medical resources, the hospital has a large number of outpatients and high utilization rate of equipment,

and the high standards of medical equipment and accessibility,

There are currently self-service registration machines at all levels of hospitals on the control hardware

Selected industrial hardware products with stronger performance, better stability and better quality,

Comes as a hardware support for the care station whiteboard.

The OPS608 mainframe of the logistics management can meet the technical requirements of the hospital self-service payment machine control hardware. Based on Intel's 4th-generation mobile Haswell/Broadwell-U series processor, it can provide powerful computing performance and excellent image processing capability; support HDMI+VGA display interface, OPS expansion interface, pluggable hard disk, structure is 179.6*118*30 mm, mini-miniature, provides a wide space for system expansion and upgrade, and can connect various peripherals.

Introduction to the use of the whiteboard for nursing stations,

Improve the image of the hospital, improve work efficiency and improve patient experience,

More medical aids are now more intelligent,

In the future, more resources will be invested,

Continue to deepen more intelligent devices.