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Services and Warranty Regulations

First, warranty coverage:

Shenzhen Paiqin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. implements a three-year effective warranty system for the products sold. This "After-sales Service and Warranty Regulations" warranty covers the brand products of Shenzhen Paiqin Electronics Co., Ltd. “Maintenance”, “replacement”, “return”, etc. referred to in these Regulations are all faulty hardware.

(Note: The following Shenzhen City Sendao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. are replaced by "Our company")

Second time limit

The warranty period for the products sold varies from the date of receipt to the consignee.

Accessories: Hard disk, memory, power supply, quality guarantee for one year free warranty, more than one year, the two sides negotiated repair.

Board class: Motherboard, with a three-year free warranty, in which the CPU is warranted according to different specifications. (1, BGA CPU 3 years free warranty; 2, PGA CPU 1 year free warranty).

Three, warranty specific content:

1. Products that meet the warranty period, please indicate the fault phenomenon and send it to our designated location for repair. After the repair is completed, it will be sent back by our company.

2, the maintenance period is 7 working days (excluding transit time).

Four, the following conditions are not included in the free warranty:

1, the purchased item is out of warranty;

2, improper storage or accidental damage, such as damage caused by dropping, squeezing, immersion, high temperature, exposure, etc.

3. Disassembly or repair by a non-authorized service personnel.

4. Other damage caused by force majeure such as natural disasters, such as earthquakes, typhoons, floods, fires, lightning strikes, wars, etc.

V. Repair Charge:

1, during the warranty period, free of component fees, free of time;

2, not covered by the warranty or not covered by the warranty, the components and working hours. According to the test to determine the actual maintenance costs, notify the repairer in time before the repair, and get repairs after the repairer confirms; (repair within the agreed time limit, and send it to the designated place of the repairer.)

3, our company is responsible for the one-way shipping cost of the repair product returned to the repairing party; (the shipping method is determined by the dispatched industrial control)

After-sales service process

1, Feedback: The customer has problems during use and communicates with the salesperson.

2, understand the demand: the salesman asks the customer to specify the problems and needs in use and provide solutions.

3, Solution:

1 Remote Coordination: If there are some application operation problems, you can remotely guide the solution;

2Return to repair: motherboard hardware problem, and software debugging, please indicate the fault phenomenon, send it to our designated location for maintenance, the maintenance period is 7 working days (not Including the time), the repair is sent back by our company.

3 Return and exchange: After the two parties negotiate, our company will check the returned products and agree to return or exchange the products without affecting the secondary sales.