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Embedded Solutions

Embedded system is a dedicated computer system that acts as a device or device Part of . Typically, an embedded system is an embedded processor control board in which the control program is stored in ROM. In fact, all devices with digital interfaces, such as watches, microwave ovens, video recorders, and automobiles, use embedded systems. Some embedded systems also include an operating system, but most embedded systems implement full control from a single program. logic.

Defined from the application object, the embedded system is a combination of software and hardware, and can also cover accessories such as machinery. The embedded system generally recognized in China is defined as: application-centered, computer-based, software and hardware tailored to meet the strict requirements of the application system for functions, reliability, cost, size, power consumption and other special computer systems.

An embedded system device is generally composed of an embedded computer system and an execution device,

The embedded computer system is the core of the entire embedded system, consisting of the hardware layer, the middle layer, the system software layer and the application software layer. The execution device, also known as the controlled object, can accept control commands issued by the embedded computer system to perform the specified operations or tasks. The actuator can be very simple, such as a tiny motor on the phone, which is turned on when the phone is in vibration receiving state; it can also be complicated, such as the SONY smart robot dog, which integrates multiple micro-small control motors and various sensors. Thereby, various complicated actions and various state information can be performed.