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Work hard to help unmanned medical cabins, open new medical models

Shenzhen ZunSia Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Popularity :3252 Publication time :2018-09-11 SML

Science and technology continue to develop, but also continue to bring us surprises, such as the now hot supermarkets, unmanned convenience stores. However, you may not know that in addition to the new retail, medical health management has also rushed back to the "nobody" trend.

Not long ago, there was such a case. The Second Department of China Aerospace Science and Technology Second Hospital cooperated with Beijing Aerospace Center Hospital to establish a cloud medical office of the group company - unmanned medical care. Cabin, this miniature "hospital" has no beds and doctors, only streamlined smart instruments, lightweight wearables and visual terminals. When you walk into an "unmanned" medical hut, you only need to follow the device prompts. You can self-administer blood pressure, measure blood fat, blood sugar, and the diagnostic report will print out. The above shows that your blood pressure is too high, so you press the call button, the doctor appears on the big screen, through online communication, he analyzes your cause. Overwork caused blood pressure to rise, it is recommended to rest properly, and monitor blood pressure in the morning and evening for three consecutive days.

I believe that many people have such a medical experience: see a doctor for ten minutes and line up for two hours. From the registration line, the waiting queue, to the queuing and drug queuing, each patient really has a face-to-face discussion with the doctor. The time is not much, and more time is wasted in the long queue. Solving this problem and making the masses seek medical treatment faster and more convenient has become a major event in the current reform of the medical and health system.

In recent years, many health reforms in various regions of the country have carried out many reform attempts, such as “signing a family doctor”, developing “integrated medical care”, implementing “Internet + medical care”, etc., and “unmanned” medical lodge is one of them. “Unmanned” medical lodge, as its name implies, is no one. People can use their own testing tools to monitor their own physical condition and get remote guidance from doctors. This miniature “hospital” is very convenient and can be moved to communities, companies, and campuses. Play the role of daily health care and prevention.

So what kind of equipment is the “unmanned” medical hut? It is composed of the Internet, computer hardware, medical equipment, touch-one machine and other equipment. Based on the Internet platform, it builds a big health ecosystem and builds a device from data monitoring to report evaluation analysis to chronic disease solutions. As a brand of industrial control industry, dispatching industrial control keeps up with the trend, and its industrial control hardware products can meet the hardware requirements of the “unmanned” medical cabin control system. It is reported that the “unmanned medical hut” in a community in Shenzhen has adopted the hardware products of the diligent industrial control. In the application of patients, the response is sensitive, the operation is smooth, convenient and fast, and the patients of Guangshen are well received.


The unmanned “medical hut is the future trend. The future is a time of great health, and health management will “show its talents” in this era. For this reason, the diligent industrial control will take advantage of this trend and launch more high-quality industrial hardware products.