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  • LAYOUT engineer

    Education : College degree or above   Number : 1 You are good for subversion!


    1. College degree or above, have a certain English foundation, can read Intel Layoutguide

    2, familiar with the X86 motherboard architecture, more than three years of work experience in the same position,

    3. Familiar with the design process of multi-layer high-speed PCB, establish and manage the device package library, and understand the PCB production process.

    4, skilled use of EDA related design software, such as cadence allegro16.x Orcad   Autocad CAM350. Can be a good match with hardware engineers, structural engineers to complete project design requirements.

    5. Have a certain layout ability, effectively carry out device layout according to the files given by hardware and structure

    6. Proficiency in power supply and signal wiring evaluation and wiring work

    7. Ability to complete projects independently (build library, NETIN, layout, set rules, routing, GERBER OUT, output project files)

    8. Have good teamwork ability and communication and coordination skills, and have many people working together to complete the project experience.

    9. Have good professionalism and professionalism, and be able to strictly abide by the confidentiality agreement.


    1. According to the netlist provided by the hardware engineer, the structural diagram provided by the structural engineer determines the location of the main components of the motherboard.

    2. Establish component package library, update and maintain package library.

    3, component layout, wiring, BRD design inspection. According to the hardware and structure requirements, the device layout work is completed. Set the rules strictly according to the design requirements of LAYOUT GUIDE, and plan the routing layer. Gerber out and processing of project files. Can handle problems with factory feedback. Archive of Layout related files.

    4. Assist hardware engineers to check the outsourcing project together to see if their layout is reasonable, whether the routing has reached the requirements of the layout guide, and whether it meets the basic principles of hardware layout.

    5. Responsible for the team's work deployment, establish team-to-team collaboration to achieve the completed project on time and quality.

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  • Foreign trade clerk

    Education : College degree or above   Number : 2 You are good for subversion!


    The company has a sales platform (all paid platforms):

    B2B: 2 Ali International Station, Made in China, Global Sources

    B2C: AliExpress, Amazon

    Exhibition: Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Show, Taipei Computer Show, Hannover Industrial Exhibition, Germany.


    1. College degree or above, male or female;

    2. Proficiency in the operation of Alibaba, China Manufacturing, Global Sources and other platforms, skilled in communicating with foreign customers by mail or telephone;

    3, fluent in spoken language, small language ability is preferred;

    You can contact us for more information.

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  • Art (Beijing Branch)

    Education : College degree or above   Number : 1 You are good for subversion!


    1, more than one year of Taobao art design work experience, must have art skills.

    2. With the decoration experience of Tmall Jingdong store, it has unique insights into the product structure and overall style of the store.

    3. Skilled in using software such as PS and DW.

    4, with good webpage and graphic design capabilities, rich experience in website production, unique insights and understanding of the website's art development and color matching.

    5, good at color matching, active thinking and creative, with strong visual performance.

    6, there are works or cases, with a certain literary foundation priority selection.

    7, academic qualifications are not limited, what is necessary is the ability!


    1. Familiar with the Jingdong Tmall decoration store, responsible for the creative design of the company's platform store.

    2. Optimize the description of the baby in the store, beautify the product picture, and upload the product.

    3. Regularly produce promotional images and pages according to the company's monthly promotion plans and sales activities.

    4, online store style and merchandise display design, combined with the characteristics of the product to create a description template that is illustrated, attractive, and attractive.

    You can contact us for more information.

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  • Domestic sales (Beijing branch)

    Education : College degree or above   Number : 1 You are good for subversion!


    1. College degree or above, computer, automation, electronics, marketing related majors are preferred, and outstanding fresh graduates may consider;

    2. Good language expression and communication skills, coordination skills, strong sense of responsibility and adapt to business trips;

    4. Engaged in the electronics industry sales experience of more than 1 year is preferred;


    1. Responsible for expanding the market of industrial control industry, and selling and promoting products;

    2. Responsible for developing and following up customer relationships, doing pre-sale, sale and after-sales work;

    3. Complete sales indicators according to the company's sales plan;

    You can contact us for more information.

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