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Qin Qin and wisdom infusion to create a

Shenzhen ZunSia Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Popularity :2430 Publication time :2018-09-11 SML

In the past, I always saw this in the hospital:

Infusion patients or family members are always watching the infusion bag, nervous and anxious,

The fast infusion is over, the nurse hasn't come yet,

bed call ringtones come and go,

The nurse walks back and forth, physically and mentally exhausted,

Sometimes, the patient will adjust the infusion knob by himself, hoping to end the infusion as soon as possible,

But because each liquid has a corresponding doctor's advice, once the flow rate is too fast, it is easy to pose a safety risk.

In the long run, the work intensity of medical staff is not great, not only the quality of care can not be improved, the patient experience is poor, but also a series of safety problems, according to relevant data, The number of deaths from infusions in China has reached 390,000.

Can you improve the quality of care through information technology?

With the rapid development of the Internet, Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, many hospitals have begun to embrace information technology.

Smart Infusion System is starting to get closer to people's horizons.

▶▶  How much do you know about "intelligent infusion"?

The "intelligent infusion" system consists of an intelligent infusion monitor, intelligent infusion monitoring wireless Internet of Things, and intelligent mobile terminals. The touch screen combines with an industrial computer or a touch-sensitive integrated machine to integrate various information required by medical personnel. It is an intelligent infusion management and control system integrating informationization, intelligence and digitization.

In the past, the infusion, patients and family members are always worried about the drop, the nurse did not know. This system accurately monitors the remaining fluid volume and drip rate of the infusion and transmits the data to the care background via Bluetooth. The nurse can remotely view the patient's infusion changes at the nurse station via a large screen, computer, or portable clinical terminal NDA. It is still a few minutes to pick up the bottle and pull the needle. There is no abnormality in the infusion, and the system will have a smart reminder. It ensures the safety of infusion and improves the efficiency of nurses.

▶▶  How is "intelligent infusion" achieved?

Generally, in the process of infusion, only the safety awareness of infusion depends on the patient's active operation, there will often be omissions, the safety in the infusion process can not be well guaranteed, the reliability is not high, in recent years, due to hospital infusion negligence has been triggered There have been many medical accidents and doctor-patient disputes. The emergence of intelligent infusion monitoring system has effectively solved the problem of infusion safety, making it a typical example of hospital information construction. Intelligent infusion monitoring system, using wireless coverage on key technologies, has realized an advanced, innovative and perfect monitoring system, which brings reliability, safety, convenience and practicability to infusion care in hospital wards.

The density of the hospital ward is large, the wall environment is complex, and the signal coverage requirements cannot be dead. It is necessary to go through the actual site survey on the site, and adapt to local conditions, and deploy wireless Wi-Fi coverage to ensure wireless deployment in all areas of the hospital. Therefore, higher reliability and stability are required in the network, and the backbone network of the "intelligent infusion" system must be a hot standby, redundant, open, reliable, and easily expandable industrial network. Combined with the above characteristics, the FA-19U6J network security host can meet these requirements.

In the infusion monitoring management system, the FA-19U6J host of the industrial control system constitutes the backbone redundant ring network topology structure, which has a good redundant ring network function, and can restore the network to normal within 300ms when the link is faulty. And support network management functions, redundant power supply functions, greatly enhance the reliability and real-time of the system. In addition, the six Intel I211AT Gigabit NICs offer great flexibility while maintaining ring speed.

Adopting the intelligent infusion monitoring system built by the FA-19U6J host computer, the alarm is wirelessly transmitted, no wiring is needed, it is suitable for engineering transformation, and it can be divided into floors. At the same time, it automatically alarms to the nurse station. It not only realizes the safety monitoring of infusion in hospital ward, monitors the whole process and status of infusion of inpatients, and carries out effective statistics and summary functions. It also creates value for hospitals and improves the efficiency of infusion and service in hospital wards. Created a true "no ringing ward"