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Responsible for intelligent digital navigation cards to save your sense of direction

Shenzhen ZunSia Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Popularity :3455 Publication time :2018-09-11 SML

This mall has been around, why can't I find the location of the restaurant?

Go to the A Department of Inpatient Department and take a CT to find out where the A building is?

I arrived at the station, just next to the bus stop XX Street. Which side? Didn't see it?

With the development of China's economy, the city's expansion, the road is more and more complicated, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, railway stations, etc. are also built bigger and bigger, although comprehensive The building has the characteristics of convenience and speed, but the complexity of the layout under the full-featured surface brings great trouble to those who are not very directional.

Someone would like to say that it’s easy to navigate without knowing the road, but unfortunately, pathfinding like Gaode, Baidu, Google, etc. is only suitable for outdoor use. Once you enter the house, you can't make a big difference.

There is a pain point that creates demand, and demand brings the market. As an important information communication medium, digital signage is widely used in the field of advertising communication. Its application as an intelligent digital navigation card in the field of indoor path finding navigation is also very good, effectively solving the problem that mobile maps cannot be used indoors. The pain point of navigation.

Intelligent digital navigation card is a subdivided product form of smart digital signage, in addition to the basic advertising push function (push new products, theme activities and offers) It enables customers to self-search the brand storefront and location distribution of different floors of the mall, help customers find the place they are looking for, and greatly enhance the shopping comfort and convenience of customers who are not familiar with the distribution of the mall.

In addition to playing a role in the more complex scenes of shopping malls, smart digital navigation cards also play an important role in hospitals. The patient can customize the selection of the destination department. The intelligent digital navigation card can display the destination distance and the main route point, and inform the user of the correct direction of travel with arrows and voices to achieve indoor navigation. This method saves the hospital's human resources and saves the nurse's additional work while saving patients' medical treatment time.

The company is a brand of industrial control industry. It is a company specializing in commercial display products, advertising machines, electronic whiteboards, and intelligent meetings, smart medical, smart communities, artificial intelligence. Application system solution providers in the fields of platform and intelligent manufacturing, dispatching and digging deep into the industry for more than ten years, keeping pace with the development of the times, constantly optimizing and upgrading products, and its series of industrial control hosts have strong performance and high stability, in the intelligent digital The navigation card has more advantages.

The Advantages of the Logistics Industrial Control Host in Smart Digital Navigation Card Applications

Support for multiple CPU architectures

The logistics industrial console supports a variety of CPU architectures (such as Haswell, broadwel, Kabylake, SandyBridge, etc.), providing a good match in terms of product performance and power consumption. Customers also choose the appropriate industrial control host to provide hardware support for intelligent digital navigation cards according to actual needs, and strive to achieve application results.

HD resolution, support 4K display

The Qin Qin industrial control host supports 4090x2160@60Hz image processing capability, which can realize 4K ultra-clear content playback; compatible with mainstream playback formats on the market, providing high-definition decoding, and the visual experience is more realistic.

Rich interface

The Qin Qin industrial control host supports a variety of expansion interfaces, providing DP/HDMI/VGA/LVDS and other resolution video output interfaces, providing COM/USB 3.0/USB 2.0 and other expansion ports, providing SATA2.0/SATA3.0/SSD storage. Interface, MINI-PCIE/MINI-SATA and other expansion interfaces to meet the needs of users to connect a variety of devices.

Nowadays, with the advancement of smart city construction, more and more opportunities are appearing in the smart business display industry. Intelligent digital navigation cards equipped with dispatched industrial control consoles are deployed in crowded areas such as shopping mall halls, stations, hospitals, etc. It can help people provide route guidance, and can also provide functions such as government information inquiry, smart medical function, location inquiry function (peripheral information inquiry, accommodation, entertainment, catering), shopping function and coupon scanning to provide intelligent, efficient and fast. Application experience.