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Medical Digital Devices

Digital medical is not just a simple collection of digital medical devices, it is a new modern medical method that applies contemporary computer technology and information technology to the entire medical process. In digital medical treatment, the patient can complete the treatment with a small number of procedures, the doctor's diagnosis accuracy is greatly improved, and the patient medical record information records the health information of all current and historical patients, which can greatly facilitate the diagnosis of the doctor and the self-examination of the patient. To realize the comprehensive data call of the patients needed by the remote conference clinic, to achieve fast and effective service, digital medical treatment has a great advantage, that is, the resource sharing between medical equipment and medical experts can be realized. For medical institutions, databases with sound health information are more authoritative, and the establishment of health information systems can greatly enhance competitiveness

Basic Features of Digital Healthcare:

[Digitalization of Medical Devices]

The digitization of medical care, first of all, the digitization of medical devices, which is the basis of digital medical care. The so-called digital medical equipment, that is, data acquisition, processing, storage and transmission processes are based on computer technology, and medical equipment working under computer software has gradually replaced conventional equipment into the mainstream of clinical equipment. Digital medical devices can store, process, and transmit the collected information.

[Networking of Medical Devices]

Digital medical treatment can realize the sharing of equipment resources in hospitals, realize the transmission of images and documents, shorten the time for patients to register, pay fees, take medicines, see doctors and electronic billing , electronic prescriptions, reduce the probability of errors. In telemedicine, digital medicine can realize distance learning and video conferencing, teleconsultation and surgery, online enquiry and help, as well as online registration and appointment, so as to realize the sharing of global resources.

[Information of Hospital Management]

Managers can keep track of the operation of the hospital and the work of various departments through the network, so that the hospital is always in optimal operation. Moreover, the hospital can provide patients with all kinds of information they need at any time.

[Personalization of Medical Services]

People can make appointments and registrations through the Internet at home; people no longer need to wait for inspection results in the inspection department, and various medical images and data can be directly transmitted to the attending doctor through the network. In front of the doctor, the doctor can diagnose and treat the patient in a timely and accurate manner. Based on Internet, cable TV and other private health care services and public medical consultation services, the public will be reminded to conduct physical examinations, predict the occurrence and development of certain diseases, and recommend new treatment methods to patients so that patients can enjoy personally without leaving home. Doctor's health care service.

Application Scenario: