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Three main characteristics of industrial mainframe

Shenzhen ZunSia Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Popularity :2426 Publication time :2018-09-11 SML

Industrial host system mainly includes three parts: system software, industrial control application software and application software development environment. System software is the basic core of the other two, thus affecting the development quality of system software design. Industrial mainframes are primarily generated based on the needs of the user's industrial control and management, and are therefore proprietary. From the development history and current status of industrial host systems, industrial host systems with guaranteed quality should have three main characteristics.

1, openness

This is a very important indicator in modern control systems and engineering systems. Openness facilitates the interconnection and compatibility of various systems, and it facilitates the formation and implementation of industrial ideas that are designed, built, and applied as one (collective). In order to make the industrial host system tools open and open, it is necessary to choose an open architecture, industrial software and software environment, which has attracted great attention from the industrial and industrial circles.

2, real-time

One of the main characteristics of the industrial production process is real-time, so the corresponding industrial host system should be required to have strong real-time. Network integration. This is the trend of industrial process control and management. The human-machine interface is more friendly. This not only refers to the ease of operation brought by the menu driver, but also includes the human-machine interface in both design and application.

3, multitasking and multithreading

The industrial objects facing many modern control software are no longer single task lines, but more complex multitasking systems, so how to effectively control and manage such systems It is still the main research object of industrial host in the past to adapt to this requirement, especially the underlying industrial host must have this feature, such as the research and application of multi-tasking real-time operating system.

From the basic composition of the industrial host, it can be roughly divided into three layers; the real-time operating system layer, the management layer and the application layer, and the real-time operating system layer is other layers. basis. Most of the time, the factory will choose a reliable industrial host to invest in large-scale industrial production, and the quality of the products produced is in line with the production standards of the enterprise, which has increased the turnover for the enterprise.